The Conflict Cycle Workshop:
Conflict Resolution Strategies for Married Couples
The Conflict Cycle Workshop:
Conflict Resolution Strategies for Married Couples
Get a proven marriage expert-designed formula to help you resolve disagreements in a healthy way
Get a proven marriage expert-designed formula to help you resolve disagreements in a healthy way


Do you feel like you and your spouse are tip-toeing around each other?

When you disagree, do you often find yourselves in one of these common scenarios - walking away completely or blowing up at one another?

Or maybe you’re avoiding bringing up those ‘touchy subjects’ altogether to avoid a fight?

But resentment and unspoken needs simmer underneath and tend to boil over anyway?

You’re not alone.

You love each other so much, and when those ‘hot buttons’ come up, you really want to find a solution.

And while you know it’s impossible to agree all of the time, lately, you’ve been feeling the balance is way off.

You may feel like things are never going to change.

That you can’t fix it.

That “it’s just the way marriage is.”

You might even be reminded of the same conflict patterns you saw your parents struggle with?

And you know that if you could just find a way to talk openly and without judgment, your marriage would be a calmer, happier place.

But you haven’t found that missing puzzle piece yet, and you feel stuck in the same old rut of arguments that go round and round and never get resolved.

The good news is that we know just what will help you banish those stress-filled and teary disputes.

Because we know that the unique chemistry that makes your marriage fizz on so many levels can sometimes implode when you find yourselves on opposing sides of an argument.

We want you to have a healthy way of tackling conflict when it arises because you deserve to have a respectful, trusting marriage where it’s ok to hold space for different opinions.

And maybe marriage coaching feels a step too far right now?

A professional session with a coach takes time and money.

And perhaps getting your spouse on board is a challenge?

But what if there was a faster, cost effective way to get a proven solution to resolving relationship conflict into your hands?
We’re Tony and Alisa, and we want to empower you with the skills to ‘do conflict’ better so you can focus on the fun and nourishing parts of your marriage.
Join us in this workshop to discover how to:
  • Visualize what’s actually happening to you and your spouse during the conflict cycle, and know when to stop, reflect, and redirect before a disagreement spirals out of control
  • Understand the key triggers​ behind the thoughts, emotions, and feelings that typically arise when you are in opposition with your spouse
  • Recognize patterns in ‘how’ you argue so that you can identify a more effective way to interrupt them
  • ​Put effective strategies at your fingertips to handle conflict better and recover from a dispute faster
This Interactive Workshop is for You If You:
  • Are tired and frustrated with your current approach to handling conflict with your spouse, and you know you need a better solution
  • ​Recognize how your disagreements trigger the same old negative patterns in your relationship
  • ​Want to understand how your past experiences of relationship conflict impact your present-day reality
  • ​Need some expert advice to put your marriage back on firmer ground when arguments become detrimental
A regular couple's coaching session with Alisa costs upwards of $250 for an hour.

Not to mention the time and effort you’ll put into coordinating calendars, setting up the appointment, and then getting to and from the session.

With our live online Conflict Cycle Workshop, you get all the benefits of a private marriage coaching session for a fraction of the cost.

A little over 1/5th of the cost, actually! (And without even having to leave your house.)

A seat in this workshop costs just $47.


Because resolving conflict is a learned skill, and we want to make that skill accessible to all couples so that you can break the conflict cycle for good.

And don’t you deserve to savor all the benefits of a happier home, a respectful marriage, and a harmonious family life that models healthy conflict resolution for your kids? (not to mention their future relationships!)
Here’s what you’ll get when you register for the On-Demand Workshop:
  • 75 minutes of marriage coaching expertise on the most common triggers and response tactics for handling conflict (Giving you a front row seat to 10+ years of couples coaching experience and advice that has helped 400+ couples ‘do conflict’ better together)
  • A tried-and-true 5-Step Conflict Cycle Resolution Tool for your marriage toolbox (That will change how you view, think about, and react to disputes forever - smoothing the path forward in your marriage, life, work relationships, everything!)
  • A Conflict Cycle Workbook to record all of the tips and best practices for harnessing conflict in a healthy manner
  • On-Demand Access to the Workshop so you can recap on the core skills as and when you need them
Conflict is a natural occurrence in all thriving relationships. 

And if you weren’t taught how to handle it effectively, you’re not to blame.

Break the cycle of harmful arguments today.

Join us to learn the skills of resolving conflict constructively that will deepen your connection with your spouse.
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