“I love you, but I’m not in love with you.”

Your heart sinks in your chest at the sound of those words…

Suddenly, all hope is taken away from you.

How can you fix the lack of love?

You ask your spouse for one more chance, to see if you can stir something within them.

You’re ready to bring your A game, but they say no.

You remind them of how long you’ve been together, of the life you’ve built together.

You’re not prepared to let it all go, why are they?

Why won’t they at least try?

First and foremost, it’s NOT a reflection of you!

In fact, all this is, is what’s called the Entrenchment Effect.

When spouses entrench, they grow distant and avoidant, prone to conflict and completely unwilling to listen to reason. In fact, the more you try to talk to them, the more convicted they become in their decision to leave.

Many people even think their spouse is going through a midlife crisis, or has turned into a narcissist overnight, simply because they don’t know about the Entrenchment Effect.

And when that happens… When we don’t take the necessary steps to disentrench our spouse, their unwillingness to even reconsider their decision can only lead to one outcome…

And that’s divorce…

If this all feels very familiar and you feel you’re rowing alone to save your marriage, the very first and most important thing that you need to know is that, yes, it is possible!

We’ve partnered with our friend Andre Santos who specializes in saving relationships in these exact circumstances when you’re rowing alone against an entrenched spouse.

Andre has helped thousands of individuals save their relationships without their entrenched spouses’ cooperation in his program “The Science of Connection”, and in this Masterclass he’s going to show you how you can do it too!

Your spouse doesn’t need to be present. They don’t need to be interested. They don’t need to be willing to work on things. They don’t even need to be in love with you.

Because those are the things Andre will teach you how to change.
Meet our good friend Andre Santos. Andre’s experience working in Intelligence relied on his deep knowledge of Psychology to change the hearts and minds of enemies of the state. And now, he’s teaching those same skills in the pursuit of what he feels is a far nobler goal - saving marriages.

His autism and experience lend him a unique perspective that is science-based and concrete, which allows his coaching clients to follow his system and save their marriages even when they think they’re terrible communicators, or when their spouse is entrenched, and dead set on the divorce.

Andre’s program has saved marriages on the brink of divorce, repaired families, and has even brought more babies into the world.

He and his team work on a daily basis with clients whose spouses aren’t in love with them, who are stubborn, detached, confrontational, avoidant, insecure, depressed, and even if they’re having affairs.

The Science of Connection saved his own relationship, and the relationships of thousands of people - with both themselves AND their spouse.
We’re Tony and Alisa, and we want you to experience your full potential through the The Science of Connection so you can focus on strengthening your pillars of intimacy during any situation you may face.

We are the co-authors of the Amazon best seller, The 6 Pillars of Intimacy: The Secret to an Extraordinary Marriage and 7 Days of Sex Challenge book.

We believe that the healthy combination of sex, love, and commitment is more than the foundation of a strong marriage…

It’s the glue that will keep a marriage together.
Join us in this Masterclass to discover:
  • Why married people fall out of love
  • Why your spouse refuses to work on things and seems content flushing your marriage down the drain
  • ​What you’re doing right now that is entrenching your spouse against you
  • What to do when your spouse starts rewriting your history together
  • ​Why men and women cheat (we do it for different reasons!)
  • ​Why your spouse refuses to tell you more about how they feel
And you’ll walk away with the tools to:
  • Break through their defenses to draw them out of Entrenchment
  • ​Uncover how they truly feel (even if they NEVER talk about their feelings)
  • ​Get them to fall back in love with you (even if there’s someone else in the picture)
  • ​Get them reinvested in the relationship to work on the 6 Pillars with you!
Andre’s coaching program is highly exclusive and a single conversation with him is normally in the 4 figures…

His programs usually run from $2,000 to $10,000 (which still makes it about 90% cheaper than divorce)!

And in these programs, he breaks down for his clients how their specific spouse's mind works and how they're feeling. Then he lays out step-by-step (and even word-by-word) plans to get them to resolve their issues without resistance and fall back in love with their spouses.

But for this one time only, he’ll teach you how to do this yourself in this exclusive Masterclass, for only $97 when you register today!
To make the most of this training:
  • Avoid distractions (the more present you can be, the more you’ll absorb)
  • ​Be prepared to take lots of notes!
  • Be ready to implement what you learn immediately after the Masterclass!
This is your marriage on the line, and the reason it is struggling right now is because of what you don’t know.

Your marriage CAN be fixed, but YOU have to be prepared to put in the legwork!
Here’s what you’ll get when you register for the On-Demand Masterclass:
  • 2 hours of training on understanding your spouse that isn’t available even for professional psychologists - straight from the tactics used by high-level Intelligence operatives, but adapted to save marriages like yours facing overwhelming odds
  • The Clairvoyance Technique (This will allow you to open up the heart of even the most emotionally closed off people, and confidently guide you into your next steps)
  • Communication Formulas you can plug and play in dicey conversations to resolve marital problems and dispel Entrenchment
  • On-Demand Replay Access to the Masterclass so you can review these skills as and when you need them
Divorce rates are higher than ever.

And if we’re not trained to resolve Entrenchment, we have no options left to stop it.

It’s not your fault for not knowing what you were never taught.

But if you are ready to step up and learn. To implement. To take charge of the fate of your marriage…

Join us to learn the system and tools that put the power back in your court.
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