Stress and Sex Masterclass
Stress and Sex Masterclass
How to Create a Pressure-Free Experience for Deeper Love and Sensation
How to Create a Pressure-Free Experience for Deeper Love and Sensation


"Not tonight, honey, I've had such a stressful day."

Have you ever noticed how stress gets in the way of experiencing the intimacy (closeness and connection) you want in your marriage?

It's a pretty tangled mess from how you feel emotionally to the symptoms in your body that make sex the last thing you want to do. And when one spouse is stressed, it's so easy for the other to begin experiencing stress, too.

Over the years this has been our marriage. We've experienced the stress of financial strain, the loss of a child, raising children through the different stages of life, and many other situations that have caused stress.

Stress has impacted our marriage and we're excited to introduce you to our good friend Elle Ingalls. Elle is the creator of The Pressure-Free Method which helps you stop struggling with stress so that you can achieve even more. 

We are excited to be partnering with Elle for the Stress and Sex Masterclass where she will share her in depth expertise on the fight-or-flight stress response with you.

In this masterclass we are going to dive deep to see what stress is really doing to you and your spouse and provide you a very simple solution to start reducing the effects of stress that get in the way of you experiencing the extraordinary marriage you desire.
Meet our good friend Elle Ingalls. Elle has been married for 34 years and mother of three grown sons, with a background as a symphony executive, violinist, conductor, athletic coach, and three degrees from the University of Michigan in music and an MBA. 

With this varied experience, she approaches her work in a unique, performance-based way and has coached physicians and mental health professionals who never had the chance to delve as deeply into the stress response as she has.

Elle has a wide bandwidth and so do most of her clients; she's a polymath with many interests and abilities. Over the years, she has experienced the effects of stress and powered through even though her body was trying to tell her that she had an issue with stress - eczema, stress acne, stress fat, fibrous breast tissue, and more. These sides effects of stress all disappeared when she used the very method she created.

The Pressure-Free Method has saved and enhanced her life, her family's lives, and her clients' lives in ways she could have never dreamed.  
We’re Tony and Alisa, and we want you to experience your full potential through the Pressure-Free Method so you can focus on strengthening your pillars of intimacy during any situation you may face.

We are the co-authors of the Amazon best seller, The 6 Pillars of Intimacy: The Secret to an Extraordinary Marriage and 7 Days of Sex Challenge book.

We believe that the healthy combination of sex, love, and commitment is more than the foundation of a strong marriage…

It’s the glue that will keep a marriage together.
Join us in this masterclass to discover how stress:
  • Affects men and women differently so that you have more understanding of each other
  • Causes behaviors that affect your desire and your desirability which prevents deeper intimacy
  • ​Triggers anxiety causing performance issues between the sheets
  • Affects your reproductive system's ability to function optimally
  • ​Causes vaginal dryness, frequent urination, even enlarged prostate gland
  • ​Can induce pre-mature aging and menopause earlier in your life than necessary
Elle will show you exactly what to do to empower yourself by showing you:
  • Three myths about stress that are keeping you stuck
  • ​The simple three-step method to break the stress cycle
  • ​The Basic Nine Tools of the Pressure-Free Method to use anywhere, anytime
A regular couple's coaching session with Elle costs upwards of $250 for an hour.

Not to mention the time and effort you’ll put into coordinating calendars, setting up the appointment, and then getting to and from the session.

With the live online Sex and Stress Masterclass, you get all the benefits of one-on-one coaching session for a fraction of the cost.

A little over 1/5th of the cost, actually! (And without even having to leave your house.)

A seat in this workshop costs just $47.


Because learning how to break the stress cycle can change the trajectory of many of your life especially when it comes to the intimate relationship you have with your spouse.

And don’t you deserve a really beautiful life and marriage: one where you deeply understand the emotional make up of one another so that the both of you can be calm, confident, and courageous!
Here’s what you’ll get when you register for the On-Demand Masterclass:
  • 90 minutes of marriage coaching expertise on the most common triggers and response tactics for handling stress (Giving you a front row seat to 12+ years of couples coaching experience and advice that has helped 1000's of individuals)
  • ABC's of Pressure-Free Method for your marriage toolbox (This will change how you view, think about, and react to stress in your marriage - immediately begin to reduce the release of stress hormones!)
  • Digital Workbook to record all of the tips and best practices for addressing stress and anxiety
  • On-Demand Access to the Masterclass so you can review the core skills as and when you need them
Stress and anxiety has become an epidemic in our homes.

And if you weren’t taught how to handle it effectively, you’re not to blame.

It's not as hard as you think to break through the patterns that keep you locked in the stress cycle. 

Join us to learn the simple tools and actions you can start using today.
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